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Breaking Free with Self Sufficiency and Frugality

CornA part of me feels guilty that the reason we’re turning our small plot in the city into a more than sufficient Urb-Stead has nothing to do with being green, the environment or carbon footprints.  Those are awesome side benefits, but they had nothing to do with our decision.

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Waste Not :

Making Apple Bread From Apple Pulp

Slice Of Apple BreadAt the end of summer we were given seven boxes of apples by Mr. Sufficient’s co-worker.  We were so blessed!  We canned, we juiced, we made apple sauce, apple butter, and pie filling.  We even juiced the peelings.  At the end, we had about 5-6 quarts of apple pulp from the juicer and I just couldn’t throw it away.  

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Gardening All Year with Sprouts

Sprouts_in_a_jar[1].jpgThere’s nothing I like better on a sandwich or salad than sprouts. Besides being so flavorful and crunchy, sprouts are super nutritious. Rich in vitamins, antioxidants and minerals, sprouting is the year round gardening choice for me as they can be grown right on my counter, no matter the season.

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The Dollar Menu Trap

piggy_bank_-thumb_photo.jpgThe odds are high that you or someone you know frequently uses the dollar menu at fast food restaurants and thinks it’s a smokin’ deal.  After all – you can get a burger, fries and drink for three bucks plus tax.  Sa-weeet! Right?  Or wrong?

I’m going to show you that indeed, it’s wrong.

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