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Breaking Free with Self Sufficiency and Frugality

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A part of me feels guilty that the reason we’re turning our small plot in the city into a more than sufficient Urb-Stead has nothing to do with being green, the environment or carbon footprints.  Those are awesome side benefits, but they had nothing to do with our decision.

No, our decision is based solely on the fact that we have become prisoners.  Prisoners to the government, utility companies, credit card companies, gas companies, grocery stores and GMO’s to name just a few.  With an economy this poor; with prices rising and jobs decreasing, we decided to take a few matters into our own hands.  We have one and five year goals in order to break free.

Canned Apples

 (Above) Preserved Apples


Just the Beginning:

 1. Use every available spot in our yard to grow vegetables/edible plants.

 2. Purchase produce in season from our local farmers market (produce in season is cheaper!).

 3. Put up as much food for the winter as we can, by drying, freezing and canning.

 4. Have 5 chickens for eggs.

 5. Raise rabbits for meat.

 6. Utilize as much passive solar as we possibly can.

 7. Drastically reduce our use of processed food (chips, cereals, snacks, boxed meals).

 8. Buy in bulk (when we can)

 9. Have a six-month to one year supply of every staple we need. (shampoo, toilet paper, rice, beans, sugar, coffee, etc)

10. Cut our utility bills in half by conserving water and using less electricity.

11. Get completely out of debt (5 year plan).

12. Purchase our forever homestead (and out of the city!!!)


This list is ever evolving and we’ll hit on every one of the items as we progress.   What’s on your list?  What are your goals? 


 (Above) Growing my garden gives me so much satisfaction.



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